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A Body of Skills


10 Dec A Body of Skills




In almost every job spec I’ve ever read, one factor comes up again and again as an important quality to possess: teamwork. Some may see that word with you. They think about systems that work, not having all the weight of the world on their shoulders, and the Mighty Ducks perfecting the flying V.

However, for years, my first reaction to ‘teamwork’ was to groan.

I’ve always been a fairly independent child. My parents started educating me and my brother early on (nothing intense, just reading before bedtime until we learned it ourselves, learning computer games, and BrainQuest, the greatest quiz cards ever) so we learned how to love learning from a young age. We also weren’t too bad at it either. So once we entered school, we would hurry through our work fairly quickly and leave the rest of the time for reading at our desks. This system worked fairly well, particularly since I felt I learned more from the books I was reading than the classes I was attending.

The words ‘group work’ though made me shudder. As an elementary student, I couldn’t understand why anyone couldn’t keep up with me. I  was also a bit cocky too so I though my ideas were better than anyone else’s. Oftentimes, students liked this and figured that since I was the ‘smart kid,’ they could kick back while I did the group project. Because of this, I hated group projects. Even partner work made me shudder.

It wasn’t until I was much older…and I mean much older, like last year…that I started to appreciate the fact that I didn’t know everything. There are skills and talents that my course mates possessed that, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t match them. I started to realize I wasn’t good at everything.

This was when I discovered the importance of a team. There is a great value to finding the acute talents of people in your team and using them to the best advantage. It makes work go smoother and more efficiently and causes less bumps on the road. You just have to find your niche talent and work on that while others work on theirs.

Not only does this apply to school life but, indeed, work life. Almost all companies are based around the basic system that certain people in the company are exceptionally good at certain tasks. When all those people work in a network to support the company, the company succeeds. So, in your job role, your company considered you the best possible person to make their company succeed (doesn’t that make you feel a little good inside?). And when all of these successful roles are filled and everyone works to their greatest capacity, then that’s perfect teamwork.

Now, while I still like to work independently, the idea of teamwork isn’t so scary. So don’t let it scare you either. It’s probably the greatest invention of business and life.

If you want our team to work together for you, give us a call. We’ll give it our all.

Brittany Burns

Content Manager