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Author: Brittany Burns

The Return of the Blogger

So it's been a long two months, folks, but don't worry I'm back. Firstly, have you missed me? You're probably all very curious about this strange extended wait. (Or not so much.) Have I gone on an extended holiday in a land in Antarctica? (No.) Have I...

Philly Tech Week is Here!

Hey everyone! I just want to let you into an awesome event that is happening in our great city of Philadelphia--Philly Tech Week 2015! Tech has taken over the city and there events all over from now til the 26th! (Yes, it technically started on Saturday…we're a...

Why Today is Going to be Your Best Day (even if it’s your worst)

  'Really?' you're probably saying now. 'I'm just supposed to look at this pretty picture of the ocean, slip on my bright pink flippers, and hop in the imaginary water, believing all is fine and dandy with the  world.' No, of course not. Not unless you are...

Build Your Own Website, or Why WordPress Works

It's the modern resume, the height of your CV, the interactive portfolio! It seems now a days that the best way to promote yourself, your business, or just your general life (take a hard look at your social media, people) is by creating your very...

Bring Your Personality

  Personality is what makes you, you! We know you've got style and innovation bursting from your fingertips. And we definitely know that, put in the right circumstances, you can be wildly successful at your work. However, when we're put in circumstances that don't necessarily fly with how...

The Color Wheel

image Color makes a difference. I just recently watched a video where colorblind individuals were given lenses to help them see the full spectrum like they never knew. It's enough to provoke more than a few tears (particularly when a father looks at his children's full color...

Let’s Go for Coffee

image At TWC, we're all about our coffee. But not in the way you originally might think. Sure, we love our beans, our roasts, milk & sugar, and that cute little spot at the end of the street. Some of us even have a nice rotation...

Interspaced Inspiration

image Have you ever gotten tired of inspiration? Yes, I'm being serious, tired of the repeated articles, bits of advice, and attitudes that seem to grab you at every corner. With each line there's a sense of 'Go get 'em, tiger!' with a splash of glitter to...

Let’s Talk About UX

image Alright, people, here it is. The brand, spanking (sorta) new article in all its glorified form. We're going to take an in depth look at the mysterious UX, or translated, user experience. I want to be forthright with you and admit that when I first discussed...

Let’s Start Something New

image Beware, people, The Wilson Concept is about to embark upon a new adventure and a new strain. For the past year and a half since this blog opened up, we've been providing you with helpful tips to stay motivated and to get your life in...