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Author: Jaret Wilson

Does your agency Rock?

I am proud to be a member of the Art Director's Club of Philadelphia. There are always great opportunities to network, to get inspired and just have fun sharing war stories and growth! Tonight we are hosting at Coda The Battle of the Agency Bands...

Back to Business, Reality

So, it's been 22┬ámonths and some days, just shy of 2 years since I first opened the doors of The Wilson Concept, Llc.   To be honest, the original intention for starting this company was three-fold. Primarily: gain experience working on interactive design and mastering a process...

Make it Better

image Dear readers, I have returned after a week's vacation. And I can confidently tell you I did nothing more than eat, sleep, and read staring at the ocean's waves. Perhaps throw a few card games with the family in there and voila!: a restful week....

God has come.
Sky’s the Limit (?)

image People often say that 'the sky's the limit' but is that really true? Besides taking away the political correctness (indeed, beyond the sky is the limit because man has been in space and seen in galaxies far beyond the sky), there are many factors to...

Benefits of the Wait

image I would be the first to say that there is too much waiting in life. Way too much.As I sit here typing this, I'm waiting to go on vacation next week, I'm waiting to finish my dissertation, I'm waiting to get a job, I'm waiting...

Start the Evolution

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All the Little Details

image Details. Details are what make the world go round. You thought it was money? Wrong, it's details. How would you describe someone without details? How can you explain how you're feeling without details? How will you calculate all the mucho dollars you're making on a...

A Little vs. A lotta: An Theory of Distraction

image If you ever see someone with perfect focus, I would like to meet that person. Actually, no, I take that back. It would probably be a scary sight. For me, I get distracted by absolutely everything. And when I say everything, I mean anything that darts...

Up and At ‘Em

image Now I feel I have said this before in fifty-seven possible ways, but I'll say it again: sometimes you just gotta get up and move. Some people know this principle very well. They get up and they start getting ready. It may be as simple and as...


  image What do you do when you have a lost for words? Today, language is the definition our society. Without language, all communication collapses. The most predominant form of language is the spoken word but what has become overwhelmingly popular in the new internet age is the...