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Back to Business, Reality


05 Oct Back to Business, Reality

So, it’s been 22 months and some days, just shy of 2 years since I first opened the doors of The Wilson Concept, Llc.


To be honest, the original intention for starting this company was three-fold. Primarily: gain experience working on interactive design and mastering a process that showed creditability. Second: Build a strong network of talented creatives and marketers that want to produce insanely cool artwork/ideas. Three: Introduce a reputation of expertise and “good-nature” as our back-bone, meaning we would be relational and not just transactional. I can honestly say, although I’ve attempted all of these tasks, I’ve missed the mark in various ways.


I think that in all honesty, it starts from the beginning (a couple of years ago). I’ve focused on pushing an agenda that I thought was courageous and worthy of attention, sometimes ignoring the safety net. In other regards, I’ve given respect to individuals who followed my agenda – not always granting the freedom and understanding of their best attributes and value. Don’t get me wrong, when it worked – it worked! But in other cases, it was more difficult than it had to be and I take full responsibility.


A good friend gave me an interesting perspective – “Together we rise, alone I fall”. It takes a talented collaboration to produce magic (a bit of the TWC mantra), and I think more times than others – I tried to preserve and protect the core idea of “what is TWC” and blocked others who bleed our ideas/approach from expressing their own point of view for defining it as well. That’s not a direction or company that anyone wants to represent or be a part of.


In turn, I apologize for my actions, flawed behavior and selfish point of view. To be a CEO, Leader, Creative and friend – takes more than I’ve given. It has to change, be better and here’s how:


The Wilson Concept will become focused on highlighting our PEOPLE.

Through our social channels, articles and mass communication and most importantly THE WORK. It must be that those who are putting forth effort are dead center. Yes we are a team, but first we are a collective of talent and bravery that deserves proper appreciation. Ideas are NOT free.


The Wilson Concept will advance the goal of becoming a backed company.

I bootstrapped this company with my savings and gifts from friends, family and supporters. I loved the idea of being in this space because we could undoubtedly grow like wild-fire by word of mouth, interests/community and passions. But I’ve realized that we need more than just projects/clients to sustain us, we need efforts of appreciation that help our team to know they are valued. This means that TWC needs investment, this means accountability and it means security “safety net”.  Not to sustain finances alone, but to become a fortress were our people feel comfortable with the freedom to produce.


The Wilson Concept will produce original content.

A dream of mine has been to introduce my own ideas and concepts and be within the confines of a business that could support them. Such as film/television, fashion/textiles, technology and innovation. I believe that maybe not today or tomorrow – but soon The Wilson Concept will have the structure to support my own projects as well as that of others. We will NOT just create cool stuff for our clients, but awesome stuff for ourselves.


I owe apologies to anyone who was not given the human kindness, respect and due accountability from me over the past couple of years for various reasons. Please know that I am not oblivious, nor am I contrary. I am confident that we together can produce and move forward. To all of those who have been loyal and focused on People Art Magic, thank you – we’ve got a long ways to go together. I hope that the journey treats us well.



– Jaret, CEO

The Wilson Concept.