The Wilson Concept | Get Back to Work…or Back to Life?
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Get Back to Work…or Back to Life?


05 Jan Get Back to Work…or Back to Life?

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Yes, ladies and gents, but it’s official: the winter holidays are completely over! Only about 350 days until next holiday season.

Getting back in motion for daily work duties can be difficult. Like me, you’re probably yearning for the relaxation of the holidays (and if not relaxation, then at least an excess of sugar and good company). Work seemed a distant memory until yesterday evening crept up on you and you realised with horror that vacation was over. Now what on earth are you supposed to do? You now have to spend about 350 days waiting and yearning for this same season…or do you?

Should we really waste away the majority of the year for a measly two weeks of the year? Should we spend our life waiting for the weekends. Let’s think about it in terms of numbers. Let’s say you get 14 days of holidays ever year. Then you have about 104 days of weekends. (And let’s face it, half of that Sunday is spent in despair of Monday.) So you have approximately 118 days of holidays give or take a couple days. Subtract that from 365 days, you’ve got 247 days of work every year.

That is about 68 % of your year! 68% of your life!

And that portion of life, you’re waiting for the weekend and holidays.

What sort of life is that?

Not to sound too Dead Poet’s Society here but carpe diem, everybody! Seize the day! There is so much in life. The sights, the smells, the breath of fresh air in the morning, the love of friends and family, the taste of a satisfactory meal or a forbidden sweet. Yes, you have to work. Everybody has to work to some excess. But work can offer its own joys if you search for them.

Yes, you have some days of despair and sadness. Sometimes it feels like those days will never end. But as long as during those days you have breath in your lungs, you are here for a purpose. You have something to be thankful for. And you have many around you to be with you through the struggle. So breathe in deeply the taste of life and be filled by it!

Brittany Burns

Content Manager