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26 Mar The Color Wheel

image Color makes a difference. I just recently watched a video where colorblind individuals were given lenses to help them see the full spectrum like they never knew. It's enough to provoke...

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18 Feb Taste Tester

image I've always enjoyed a good taste tester, especially a free taste tester. You know when you go down to the beach and start walking down the boardwalk are outside of almost...

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28 Nov Being Thankful

image Yes, Thanksgiving (the greatest American holiday, in my opinion) was yesterday. Today is the iconic Black Friday. Now we could discuss the evident irony in having a day of thanks...

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07 Nov Survivor

image Everything is elusive. Whatever you think you want and need the most often evades you at every turn. You say, 'This is what I need to survive. And if I don't...

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03 Oct Providence

We haven't looked at definitions for a while, so I believe it's time to give a very important word a once over. That word is providence. Providence (noun): divine guidance or...

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08 Sep Fond Farewells

  image Nobody particularly likes goodbyes. They can be firm handshakes, strong hugs, or tearful kisses but they all point to something acutely painful that strikes the deepest part of our hearts....

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18 Aug Make it Up

image There will be days when you just don't know what to do. You'll come into your office, switch on the computer, and take a sip of that double shot cappuccino. Then...

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