The Wilson Concept | Christmas Cheer
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Christmas Cheer


19 Dec Christmas Cheer


It’s pretty easy to feel the Christmas spirit when you’re snuggled at home by the fireplace with your family. There’s decorations all around, the tree is up, and the kids are asking about presents. Cookies are baking in the oven and relatives are calling that they’re on their way as you settle down for a Rankin & Bass classic.

But what about at the office? No, not The Office above, at your office. Some of you may be very lucky and have the office as decked out at your home with Christmas music playing from every laptop. However, for others, the office may look just as normal and work is just as normal and it feels life is just as normal.

In a way, yes, it is. You do still have work for now. However, society has given us a time to celebrate the spirit of giving, of family, and of Jesus.Therefore, we should honor that by dedicating this season to these good God-given gifts and celebrating.

However, we all run into the problem when we’re, you know, at work. Working. Which we usually consider not so fun.

No need to panic yet! There are ways around this!

Firstly, when you start your day off with coffee, for goodness sakes get the special holiday drinks, they only come once a year. Gingerbread latte is a gift sent from heaven so take advantage of it!

Secondly, give your own workspace a little decoration. It can’t hurt to buy a mini tree or hang up those holiday cards or make some paper snowflakes.

Thirdly, if all else fails, give your office the gift of holiday spirit. Show efforts of kindness and caring. Be extra patient when everything seems to be going wrong. Make some of those delicious cookies at home and give them out to your office (on a day that’s not the obligatory holiday party). When walking in the street, don’t pass the Santa ringing the bell. Stop, say hello, and give a little. Even if you have no money, those Santas ring all day in the cold with nary a word from anyone–a little conversation could be what they need to brighten their day.

I would never say to limit this spirit to only Christmas time. In fact, this spirit should live throughout the year. But Christmas is never a bad time to start.

Brittany Burns

Content Manager