The Wilson Concept | How Well Do you See Color?
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How Well Do you See Color?


10 Feb How Well Do you See Color?

Recently, I was invited to take the color test.

In short, it is a test to see how well you see color (aka, if you’re colorblind or not). As an artist, I was pretty confident that I would pass the test simply because I feel I have a fairly good eye for color and hues. So I clicked on it and decided to give it a go.

Boy, what a surprise. When you first start, all the colored blocks you are supposed to reorder by hue seem obviously different. There are the bright red versus the yellow and the purple versus the green. This was going to be too easy, I said to myself. However, as I started shifting the blocks and reordering them to my preference, I found myself squinting at the screen. I would take a few blocks then close my eyes and reopen them, blinking, trying to find the differences. Sometimes I would look at two blocks and not be able to see a single difference between them and just hoped that luck would be on my side. In fact, I am typing part of this blog right now so I can go back and forth to refresh my mind. (In the same way to smell distinct scents, you have to leave the Yankee Candle store for ten minutes before testing to see if Summer Pickled Honey is really what you want your house smelling like.)

Now from the title, you might think I’m about to go on a rant about race. I am not. There are many other ‘color spectrums’ in the world beside skin color. There is the spectrum from rich to poor, the spectrum of boss to intern, the spectrum of global to local, the spectrum of green to industrial.

We make many choices in life. Some are ones to which we don’t pay much attention while to others we give our full body and soul. Often the choices become blurred and difficult when there are too many presented before us. We become bewildered and confused. This can cause us to make decisions we never really wanted to make just because we were too jumbled to make a better choice.

So sometimes, it’s better just to get away for a moment or two. Then clear your head. Then come back to the problem. I can’t guarantee perfection but I can guarantee that you’ll be much more prepared to make a decision after getting your head cleared. Then you can see all the colors clearly.

I have finished the quiz. I breathed a sigh of relief when I discovered that I had did very well and am, indeed, not colorblind (thank you, art skills!).  A clear head produces clear results and a clear mind is certainly well.

Brittany Burns

Content Manager


If you want to test out your color skills, click here then post your results!