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It’s Ok to Change Your Mind


21 Jan It’s Ok to Change Your Mind


What? Did I read that correctly?

I’m sorry, I’m sure you just wrote that it was ok to change my mind. That can certainly not be true. You see, I’ve had a twenty-five year plan since I was eleven years old and that is not about to change right now. Yes, I’ve had a few road bumps. I didn’t go to the university I expected but I got the same results out of it. There was a bit of a cash flow problem but I got through it. And yeah, I don’t think I’m as satisfied with what I’m doing now that I thought I would be–but you know, everyone feels that way about work. Sure, I would love to be excited going into work every day, but that’s just not reasonable. There is the rare person who does that and they’re super lucky. But I’ll just find satisfaction elsewhere and I’ll be fine. Besides, I have my next ten year plan already in motion. It’s got to work out better now, surely. And then I’ll be happy.

– quote by the surprised and unsatisfied yet organized

Do any of those words resonate with you? Do you feel that you’ve been working for years into your current career and have spent endless hours of education and study into it? Have you invested so much time in this current career that it became your life? And are you not so happy with it now?

Fear not, my friend. It is ok. You can change your mind. You can change your interests. You can change your job. You can change your life.

Right now, you might feel like you’re trapped by your career and by your choices. But you are freer than you think you are.

Take this story I spotted on Humans of New York back in December. A 60 year old woman, who had spent who whole like excelling in cooking and wrote 27 cookbooks, suddenly changed her mind and moved to art and fashion.

You’re not too cold, the change is not too radical, and you’re not so restricted. Mostly, you are chained by your own perception of the possible. However, life works beyond the possible. Some say God, some say fate, but it’s all about a choice.

So are you ready to make your choice and go for a change? It just takes one step over the edge and you’re tumbling into a rabbit hole of possibilities.

Brittany Burns

Content Manager

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