The Wilson Concept | Let’s Go for Coffee
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Let’s Go for Coffee


24 Mar Let’s Go for Coffee


At TWC, we’re all about our coffee. But not in the way you originally might think. Sure, we love our beans, our roasts, milk & sugar, and that cute little spot at the end of the street. Some of us even have a nice rotation going of our top coffee spots, particularly since there are so many to choose from. Or sometimes we make our own brew at home and bring it on the go (we’re always on the move at TWC).

All of these things are important (particularly when we have to keep our razor wit focused to keep up with all of you–no drowsiness allowed here) but for us, that’s not the most important part of coffee.

Let’s break it down to some simple math.

TWC + Coffee = Concentrated Conversation Explosion

We love our coffee breaks to be full of conversation and inspiration. While coffee can give a delightful buzz and burst of energy, what we really love is the energy ignited by the conversation. We want to know thoughts and feelings, ideas and innovations. It’s how we get in touch with our people and they can get in touch with us. This is not about formalities (though it should always be about respect) and it’s not about expectations (though we hope we can create something amazing). Instead it’s about two or more very real people to get on a very real level and talk shop.

When we have these conversations, we can start to engage with our fellow men. None of us are experts in everything so it’s an exciting opportunity to get to know others’ perspectives. There can be many sides to an issue and you might be only seeing one of them. The goal is the get the biggest, most detailed picture we can and then make something out of it.

Do you know what the best part of these meetings are? You might discover you have more in common than differences. You could see that while you and your coffee mates are reviewing a project or a problem, you really are just looking at two sides of the same mug. At that point, it’s time to connect the sides and you’ve got an amazing product lined up. All you needed was a little coffee.

Now why don’t you take a think for a second?

I know the day is winding down and your energy levels are probably demanding a couple extra shots of caffeine. Maybe there is someone you can take out to coffee and the two (or three or four) of you can start getting some ideas on the table. It may just be paper napkins but sometimes the best thoughts start with a coffee stained napkin.

Got anyone in mind? Then go for it! I can’t promise you everything but I promise you after a couple cup conversations, you will find something you’ve never dreamed of before.

Have a favourite coffee spot? Share it with us! We want to know where you get your Joe.

Brittany Burns

Content Manager