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Location, Location, Location


19 Jan Location, Location, Location


As every old fashioned producer said it, the most important part of a production is “Location.” It’s where you are and how you do it and everything revolves around it. The location is everything, even if it’s in front of a green screen. Thankfully, if you’re not in the movies, you’ll be working in a more interesting and color spectral situation.

There’s ways that you can look at the location around you. Firstly, is the immediate locationThat is, your desk, your office, your most personal location. It defines your exact career direction and job depending on what supplies you keep handy and the apps on your computer.

The second is your peripheral location. That is your office building, where you can find your co-workers, where you sneak away to have a quick phone call when you really should be finishing up that project.

Thirdly is your general location. That is the part of town you’re housed in. Are you chilling in the hippest centre of the city or in the financial district? Maybe you’re on the outskirts of town or in a homey location nearby families and friends.

Finally, you’ve got your extreme location. This doesn’t mean extreme sports (unless, of course, that is your field, then all power to you; rock on!) but rather the city and part of the world you’re in. East coast, west coast, Europe, Africa, Asia…where are you in the world.

Now why are all of these significant? The several locational factors play a part in the formation of your business life. If you’re still in the midst of creating your own business culture, the location is vitally important. Who do you want to be around? What kind of environment do you want to generate? What kind of clients do you want to attract?

It’s the same with making branding decisions.And sometimes you need an expert to help you make these choices. That’s why we’re here: to help you craft your perfect brand to perfectly exemplify your business. So if you’re searching for a better option, give us a call and we’ll always be in the right location.

Brittany Burns

Content Manager