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Not What You Were Expecting


03 Feb Not What You Were Expecting


Life is full of the unexpected moments.

Most of us don’t live like Harold Crick from Stranger than Fiction (if you haven’t seen the film, it’s honestly brilliant–as a TWC order, go see it) where every moment of our life is calculated and predictable. Oh of course, we may want it to be that way. In fact, we may even try to make it that way. If there are no surprises, there is no possible tragedy. Yet those pesky, uncontrollable moments get in the way constantly.

How dare someone get into a traffic accident n I-95 during rush hour? What do you mean there’s two feet of snow outside? Why are you not selling Black Cherry-Vanilla coke when it is obviously the most delicious of all sodas available?

Though we can try and calculate everything all out to picture perfection, people themselves are unpredictable. Then all our plans can collapse in on themselves in a gorgeous heap.

Isn’t it wonderful?

If one thinks about it, the fact that we can change anything, any habit, any action, any word at any moment is a crazy thing. I don’t have to sit on my bed writing this blog post…I can walk outside in freezing cold weather and bare feet and write it and nothing could stop me. I could put down the laptop and do a cartwheel. I could make a phone call to Russia. I could close this laptop right now and go buy some paints and decorate the wall.

So what’s stopping me?

Convention, of course. And propriety. And getting stuck in a familiar, non-scary system that ensures everything will go well if one sticks to schedule. However, that is not quite accurate. We can’t control everything but we can do anything.

Why not give that cartwheel a try? It’s ok if it’s not perfect. It’s ok if you have no balance. For those of you who are physical incapable of a cartwheel right now, go ahead and do something else crazy.

Why? Because you can.


Brittany Burns

Content Manager