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Packing It All In

young woman standing on over packed suitcase in bedroom

17 Dec Packing It All In


Have you ever had a day that was so insanely full that you didn’t know how you would fit everything in?

You’re just about to settle to sleep when your eyes burst open as you realise a horrifying fact: you’ve overbooked tomorrow. Quickly you go through you go through your head: making breakfast, driving the kids to school, make sure you pick up Uncle Dan’s woodwork, sift through the fifty million emails to find the one you need, do laundry, volunteer at the local shelter, drive the kids to soccer and cello lessons but also make sure they eat, buy Mom a birthday present and personally wrap it, go to the dentist appointment you’ve been avoiding for the past few months, work on that special assignment your boss gave just for you, make dinner, help with your kids’ science project due tomorrow, bake cookies for the holiday party, and also try to look not like a crazy personĀ the whole way through it.

Maybe this is every day for you. Maybe you’re looking at this and chuckling because I don’t evenĀ understand how much work one can fit into a day because this is nothing. Maybe you’ve accepted the fact that you look like a crazy person and own it.

Considering I only have myself to look after and sometimes feel overwhelmed, I don’t know how some people do it. Kudos to you!

But, needless to say, we all have those days where we need to squeeze everything in and it just doesn’t seem possible. Panic arises and instead of doing anything, we just sit and do nothing, staring at the ceiling, hoping it will all go away.

Firstly, it’s important to not do that. Instead, find a brief quiet place to breathe. Then pray, meditate, or do whatever you need to do to focus yourself for the day. You need these five minutes to get through because, I promise you, you will get through today. Breathe and maybe sip some of that morning tea or coffee.

Secondly, plan out the schedule of the day and the approximate times everything will take. Some people already have their schedule book all in order but others need to organize everything in their heads each day. Often it’s easy to write it down (and then you can have fun ticking it off when you’re done).

Thirdly, go and do it! Don’t run around all crazy. You can move quickly but move purposely and not erratically. All the extra movement is going to tire and stress you out even more. The point is to complete everything without the extra stress.

Now, am I an expert at this? No, of course not. You may say all of these things are rather obvious. Well, yes. But everybody needs reminders, particularly myself. So take this moment to remind yourself that everything will be okay and everything will be sorted. Breathe again. Okay, let’s go.

Brittany Burns

Content Manager