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Taste Tester


18 Feb Taste Tester


I’ve always enjoyed a good taste tester, especially a free taste tester.

You know when you go down to the beach and start walking down the boardwalk are outside of almost every food stall, some gangly teenager is holding a plate full of delicious goodness. You don’t care what it is exactly, you just know it’s free food. (Personally, my particular favourites are the Fudge Kitchen and Polish Water Ice…such sweet samples.)

While you’re not always going to buy ten gallons of fudge after that little whiff, the shop is doing something good for their business: they’re making their memory a tangible memory.  Not only do you memorize the business’ name and logo (because you have to remember where the free samples are) but you’re engaging all of your senses. Take some vanilla nut fudge: you’re seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling the fudge all while listening to the satisfying crunch between your teeth. Your brain starts connecting all these links that will take you right back to the fudge shop. Even if you’re not craving fudge now, maybe later when you realize you need ten pounds of it for your daughter’s sweet sixteen, you’ll go to that very shop that you remembered all those years back.

Hold your horses, everyone, we’re going to link this back to life.

Often, we as human beings have ideas about what we like. We’ve tried it, we’ve liked it, and we always go back to it again and again. It brings us satisfaction in our job, in our hobbies, and in our relationships. We are completely happy with them and why shouldn’t you be? It’s everything you enjoy.

However, often when we are satisfied with our lives, we tend to not go out of our borders. We get comfortable in our usual settings and are hesitant to try other things in case we don’t like them.

Let’s go back to the food tasting example. Let’s say that all you eat are chicken, potatoes, and corn every day. Not bad options and they blend well together. However, day in and day out, would you not start to wonder if there are any other foods out there? Of course, there may be some foods out there you don’t like (I am not a picky person but I truly detest veal). This does not mean you should swear off every food though. You may even find something pleasant and delightful. However, as my parents always said, ‘You don’t know until you try.’

So have you been stuck in the same routine for so long that you forget why you started your routine? Is there something that you could taste test? There’s a chance that it won’t work out for you, of course. But there’s also a chance that it could. And wouldn’t you rather a positive ‘what-if’?

Brittany Burns

Content Manager