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The Return of the Blogger


04 Jun The Return of the Blogger

So it’s been a long two months, folks, but don’t worry I’m back.

Firstly, have you missed me?

You’re probably all very curious about this strange extended wait. (Or not so much.) Have I gone on an extended holiday in a land in Antarctica? (No.) Have I gotten into a horrible accident and left immobile? (No.) Have I maybe become a true Luddite and sworn off the computer forever? (Absolutely not.) So what other explanation could I have for not simply posting whatever dribbles from my brain to my finger tips in a vaguely work-related pattern?

I moved to New York!

Don’t worry. I’ll still be keeping you all up to date on the best TWC advice I can give. I’m getting experience now with some other job sectors and learning new things every day.

So do you know what new things mean? New advice! (I’ll pause for the applause.)

So prepare yourself, folks. I’m back!

Brittany Burns

Content Manager

The Wilson Concept