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To the Last Minute


10 Mar To the Last Minute

Raise your hands if you have ever left something to the last minute?

Come on, don’t be shy. Remember the time that you were so immersed with Aunt Julie’s party planning that you left off doing your taxes until two days before they were due? How about when you had that big project to work on but you decided to immerse yourself in the little works beforehand? Everyone has those little guilty memories and thoughts in their heads, knowing they’re supposed to do something but they keep leaving it off and waiting on it. Often you may have a valid reason for putting it off. Sometimes it’s an imaginary valid reason but you can assure yourself that it’s completely legitimate.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to procrastination.

We all know it. We’ve all experienced it. We all know the stress that is a post-procrastination guarantee. Yet we continue doing it anyway.

There are many pieces of advice one could give to help you avoid procrastinating. However, I think it’s time to acknowledge that almost everyone is going to procrastinate and we’ve got to find a solution once we’re in the trenches.

So let’s begin.

You’ve no procrastinated, you now have little to no time in your arsenal. Since you have no time, let’s make this quick.

First: Account for everything you need to do. If this is a list, go for it. If it’s in your head, just do it. While organizing is usually the default plan, what you’re about to do is dependent on action. Also, because you’ve been delaying it this long, you probably already have set in stone what you need to do. You may have even fiddled about with making a list. Now is the time to go for it.

Second: Unlike usual where it’s better to get rid of the little duties beforehand, you must tackle the big item first. Find whatever is most important and largest and dive into it. There is no time for waiting around and congratulating yourself on small tasks completed. They’ve been done this whole time you’ve been procrastinating. So find the big task.

Third: Keep yourself motivated. There are many ways that work for different people and you may need to do that yourself. Let yourself indulge in that large coffee. There’s no time for proper management of energy. Right now you need all you can get. Keep a stopwatch to time how long everything takes and try to beat yourself at it. Let yourself have a couple bites of chocolate. At this rate, it doesn’t matter what it takes to complete your project, you’ve just got to complete it.

After this, you must go. You must start. You must begin. Because if you don’t begin, they’ll never be an end to it. And I promise you, the satisfaction of a job well completed is a reward well chasing, even if it took a bit of procrastination to get there.

Good luck!

Brittany Burns

Content Manger