The Wilson Concept | Why Today is Going to be Your Best Day (even if it’s your worst)
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Why Today is Going to be Your Best Day (even if it’s your worst)


13 Apr Why Today is Going to be Your Best Day (even if it’s your worst)


‘Really?’ you’re probably saying now. ‘I’m just supposed to look at this pretty picture of the ocean, slip on my bright pink flippers, and hop in the imaginary water, believing all is fine and dandy with the  world.’

No, of course not. Not unless you are lucky enough to live near a beach. Then I suggest you run outside and do just what I said in the above, particularly if it’s a bright sunny day like it is here.

What I do mean is that today is the best day of your life because this is the only opportunity you’ll get to do something. Past, present, future all have their place but the only important time is now and today!

There is the past, that is over. While one can contemplate over it either darkly or brightly, it cannot be fixed and it cannot be repeated. They are the building blocks of your current life, which holds a very important place. However, can you do anything? No.

There is the future about which you can do nothing about. You will be able to do something but not yet. In fact, you don’t even know what will be coming in that future so why think about it?

However, right now is the present. Every second, every millisecond, comes down to what you are doing actively (or passively) at the moment. You can change everything or change nothing: you decide. You have the autonomy. You have the movement and course and passion and energy to make your life what it is.

Is it possible that this is your worst day ever? Yes, absolutely. I’m not even going to try and guess what sadnesses may have come upon you today. However, it is also your best day ever because you decide what you will do today. Will it make a difference? Absolutely.

I have good new too. Tomorrow will also be your best day ever! Every day that you live you have the power to make choices. So why not go out and make the choices you want to make rather than letting others make them for you?

You have the power: so let’s go!


Brittany Burns

The Wilson Concept